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88 Footwear is a skateboarding company. 88 footwear was started by people who were tired of other companies marketing to them and using skateboarding to get rich. Lumping skateboarding in with wakeboarding and surfing, tennis and basketball, snowboarding and fashion. 88 footwear says enough with that, this is about skateboarding. All they want is to make quality shoes for you to skate in that don't cost you an arm and a leg. They've come a long way and they are still learning, but like they say, if you want something done right do it yourself. 88 footwear thanks you for the support, and encourages you to keep skateboarding pure.
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Vaneli Shoes Review:
VANELi is a one of the most old and famous brands today. Found nearly 100 years ago, this brand has put big smile on the faces of many with its premium quality and stunning shoes. VANELi specializes in making skimmers, boots and sandals.

Their sandals are highly famous due to its lightweight construction. The average weight of the sandal is about 6 ounces while other brands have average weight of 9 to 10 ounces. In order to keep the weight of the sandal less, VANELi Outlet does not compromise the build quality, durability or the comfort of the shoe.

Their shoes are long lasting and they provide comfort for extended wearing. The outsoles of the shoes are made to provide durability and non skid ride. The insoles are well cushioned to keep the delicate foot in best possible condition. The uppers are made from the best quality material and they give stunning and eye-catching looks. The uppers are available in variety of material. These materials include satin, simple fabric, silky fabric, leather, patent leather, nappa leather, smooth leather and elastic straps. The insole and interior linings are made from the leather, fabric and synthetic. These linings ensure that your feet stay in the comfortable surrounding and it also wicks the moisture away from the foot to keep it fresh, dry, healthy and odor free. The outsoles are made from the original leather, synthetic, polyurethane and rubber. It provides traction and durability for stable walking experience. The outsole also absorbs shocks to maximize the comfort and reduce the leg and foot fatigue. Some of the styles also have the midsole made from cork or polyurethane. This also enhances the day long comfort.

VANELi shoes are ideal for party wearing. The styles are available to match up you all sorts of wearing requirements, from casual to dressy. They have been winning the hearts of many customers and this tradition is still alive. The modern styling designs and latest technologies make these shoes even more adorable and best selling. VANELi best selling styles include: Weber, Madora, Mariposa Sandals, Genie, Lorilyn, Undine and Vaneli Keddy.

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