Why Hide Under a Pile When You Can Be A Famous Blogger

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It's a fact of life. You can blog about anything and everything, but the whole exercise becomes pointless if your blog gets no visitors. Here are the top 10 ways to blogulate.

  1. Visit other people's blogs and interact: If you want people to come to post comments on your blog, you have to take the first step. Visit the blogs of your friends and relatives as well as random blogs. Most comment boxes have a "URL" field. Use it to your advantage. Remember that if you leave an intelligent comment, the blog owner will most certainly come to your blog. Use step#2 to find random blogs.

  2. Add your blog to website rings and web directories: There are literally hundreds of those around the Internet. Web rings are mostly specialized which helps in directing targeted audience to your blog. You can easily find web rings categorized by country as well as subject.

  3. RSS Feeds: You can add an RSS feed to your blog, which is a Rich Site Summary containing your blog's address and an index of the summary of the entries.

  4. Join group blogs: There are many blogs which invite you to join them and start posting. Since group blogs are visited frequently by members, they are a good source of inviting people to your own blog.

  5. Use perma links on individual posts: Also called trackback, Perma links are usually inserted automatically by most blog-hosting websites so that each of your entries has a specific link assigned to it. If you are quoted by another blogger, the latter can easily link back to the specific post to which he/she is referring to by using perma link.

  6. Update frequently: Visitors usually drift away if the blog shows the same entry as it did when they visited it a week ago. It is a good idea to utilize the services of Bloglet.

  7. Post on forums: Find yourself some online forums related to your topic of interest and then make sure you publicize your blog. Do it subtly of course, like putting the URL in your signature.

  8. Enable tidbits: Make sure your blog has a good commenting system as well as a working shoutbox. No sources of interaction means no interaction which means no visitors.

  9. Track your visitors: By using a good counter or tracking software, you can find out where you visitors are coming from. Then you can repeat Step#1 to increase the number of visitors.

  10. Write something which is worth reading, even if you only maintain a personal blog.

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