A Short History of PostgreSQL

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By 1996, it became clear that the name "Postgres95" would not stand the test of time. We chose a new name, PostgreSQL, to reflect the relationship between the original Postgres and the more recent versions with SQL capability. At the same time, we set the version numbering to start at 6.0, putting the numbers back into the sequence originally begun by the Postgres Project.

The emphasis during development of Postgres95 was on identifying and understanding existing problems in the backend code. With PostgreSQL, the emphasis has shifted to augmenting features and capabilities, although work continues in all areas.

Major enhancements in PostgreSQL include:

  • Table-level locking has been replaced with multi-version concurrency control, which allows readers to continue reading consistent data during writer activity and enables hot backups from pg_dump while the database stays available for queries.
  • Important backend features, including subselects, defaults, constraints, and triggers, have been implemented.
  • Additional SQL92-compliant language features have been added, including primary keys, quoted identifiers, literal string type coercion, type casting, and binary and hexadecimal integer input.
  • Built-in types have been improved, including new wide-range date/time types and additional geometric type support.
  • Overall backend code speed has been increased by approximately 20-40%, and backend startup time has decreased 80% since v6.0 was released.


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