What is Java

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 What is Java  




  Java is perhaps one of the most talked about advances in Internet technology since the World Wide Web. People in many areas of computing are discussing Java and how it will change the face of computing. No doubt, Java will change the way people use the Internet and networked applications. Java has introduced many ideas to the World Wide Web arena, and those ideas represent some exciting changes to the Internet and computing.

At the heart of all the Java talk is the Java programming language. Java is an object-oriented programming (OOP) language that uses many common elements from other OOP languages, such as C++, but it adds some enhancements to make programming Java easier. Like any other language, Java has a particular syntax, a structure for programs, and many supporting applications.

The Java Developer's Kit(JDK) contains all of the tools necessary to create applications (or Web applets) using the Java programming language, including the following:

  javac The Java compiler
  jdb The Java debugger
  javadoc The Java documentation program
  java The Java Virtual Machine
  appletviewer The Java applet viewer

Some of these Java components might not seem so obvious, such as the Java Virtual Machine. In using Java to program, you do not directly access the Java Virtual Machine. However, other commercial Web browsers that can run Java applets use it, as does appletviewer.





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