Tips to Increase Your Search Power with Google

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Google often happens to be the starting point of Web surfers. Majority of us just punch in a few keywords and hit go - Google does the rest. But is that all what Google developers have to offer? Some would say: "Nay, I have a Google toolbar too!" Here we will delve further into Googlisms.

Did you know you can search keywords at a specific site? If you type "Bomb blast", Google will search the keywords "Bomb blast" only in CNN Domain. Restricting searched to a specific domain can give precise results, especially if you are sure about the source being a newspaper, magazine or online library.

If you are searching of specific files, using a construction like: "Tutorials filetype:pdf", it will look for a match in PDF files stored online. This comes handy if you are in search of presentations (PPT), data files (XLS), documents (DOC) or technical and research-oriented papers, which are mostly in PDF format. To capitalize on this unique Google feature, you need to know what file extensions mean.

This site can be used to get comprehensive insight into the world of online merchandise. If its only eBay that comes to your mind when you think of shopping online, it's time to search Froogle for an item. You can enter a price range and item name (e.g. PDA's, set the price under US30$) and links of various vendors show up.

Have a question? A Technical query or a historical question? If you are ready to pay Google can help. Hacing a pool of 500 "carefully screened researches", you can have your query answered with a day or even minutes. The minimum fee is US 2.5$. As you increase the amount you are willing to pay, the answer's length, analysis and research increases accordingly. According to Google at minimum price you only have 60% of chances of getting an answer but if the price is at least US 10$, the answer is likely to be answered with 30 minutes. For US$ 5, you have researchers who will even answer follow-up questions and at US 100$, it's the researchers who as you questions to clarify your answers. As the questions are open, the non-paid surfers can add their comments and answers as well. Google researchers are experts in finding information online, which is otherwise hard to locate, like statistical data on some country's expenditure or a scientific query, plus they have access to offline resources too. Google's pay-for search is backed by a refund policy.


 Google Facts
 Named after The mathematical terms googol which refers to a number having 1 followed by a 100 zeros.
 Birth Date 7th September 1998
 Former Name BackRub
 Founders Stanford graduates Larry Page and Sergey Brin
 Search answered
200 million
 Web pages searched More than 3 Billion
 Complete Crawl of
 the Net
Every 28 days
 Language Support Provides and interface for 88 languages but capable of returning search results in 35 languages only.
 PageRank One of the 100 or so search algorithms used by Google.
 Googlers The 1000+ employees of Google
 Google Dance The updating of its index and algorithms every month by Google.
 Google Servers More than 10,000 Servers each running Linux forming the world's largest commercial Linux cluster.

It textual descriptions of product are not sufficient and you would like to see actual catalogs, this site can do it for you. As the catalogs are images, the results take a while to download, so be patient. The image show your search criteria highlighted in yellow - like a fast OCR in action.

No idea of setting up Usenet newsgroups in your news client but still interested in thing? Try You can list the results by relevance or date, and can view threads and articles just like using a standalone client. Advanced search options lets you search a query in a particular group(s) (with asterisk wildcard support) or by subject, author, language and date range.

What else can you try?

If your keyword is not tielding something useful, ad you are aware of the subject heading, try Google Directory instead. Topics and subtopics are listed by relevance in this detailed Google directory.
Google Labs: If technical information about Google and its upcoming technologies fascinate you, point to GoogleLabs and see what's new, what's to come, e.g: voice search, viewer, web-quotes, glossary etc.
Google APIs: Developers paying attention to the programming aspects of Google and incorporating the technology should see GoogleAPIS .
Language Options: Search web pages written in specific languages, optionally in a specific country. The Translation facility can translate a piece of text in several European Languages. You can also submit a URL for translation. Google's homepage and button text can be displayed in one of over 80 supported languages, including Zulu, Marathi and Punjabi. See

Search for information about a school or university at Google University Search

Google toolbar is available at and additional button are available at

Wireless device owners can log on to

Search using a keyboard:

The distinction between Web-based and desktop applications is diminishing. Take a look at the extensive keyboard navigation facilities provided in Google. You need IE 5+ or Netscape 6 in order to take advantage of these options.

You can move back and forth between the results using 'K' and 'I' (with colorful circles making your current position). 'A' focuses on the search box, 'Enter' is for clicking a page and 'Backspace' takes you back to the searched results (generic operation).

On the right-hand side, you see a small ad box (called AdWords), to enable navigation there, press 'L' and 'J' for switching back to results. The 'K' and 'I' keys can be used to go up and down here, to open a URL from the top ten list quickly, just press the corresponding number key 1 to 9 and 0 for the tenth item.
Other useful shortcuts include:
C - Cached page
S - Similar Page
N and P - Next and previous result
? - Help

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