Frameworks for the Development of an e-Business System

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The framework for the development of an e-Business system has two levels. The first is how a project or program is approached in the organization. unfortunately, many organizations approach e-business in one of the two ways. The first is "I want some," though the organization may not be sure how it is going to "bring it in." The second is the "boil the ocean" approach, where massive planning occurs, but then too much change is forced through an organization that is not ready for it.

While it is useful to learn from others failures, using a simple model to rationalize the -business programs, right from the beginning, are:

1. Educate those that have to use the system about the technology and its impact.

2. Ensure that all areas and business functions that will or could be affected are identified before decisions are made.

3. Always link business goals, work process, and technology when developing and delivering the system.

4. Measure and monitor the program's success.

These four simple rules will stop most programs running aground before the vessel has left the harbor.

If these governing rules are in place, there will be a much lower chance of your operation becoming a victim of its second, third, and sometimes fourth attempt to implement e-business systems successfully. The risk of not planning systems and the resulting debacles are unfortunately very visible in today's business world.


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