Components of the E-Business World

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In order to understand just how open and powerful the Internet has become, we need to review a few more details of its components. Every computer on the Internet has its own unique name. This is called a domain name. In addition to the domain name, each system has an extension. The extension usually describes the general function of the holder of the domain name. Although there have recently been some changes in the use of extensions, they generally follow some basic principles: .com usually denotes companies or commercial operations. .net is often used by Internet Service Providers, .mil is for the military and so on.

More recently, country and other extensions are becoming sought
after. The .cc and .tv extensions are particularly popular. For computers
to talk to one another on the Internet a valid domain name is requited
to make the connection. Each of these unique connections allows us to
ensure that we always connect to a valid member of the Internet. and
that the members have become Internet citizens through a policing
body that used to be known as the InterNIC. This authority has
been replaced by a governing and licensing body (Shared Registration
System) that allows approved organizations to issue domain names
and manage and issue domain names. This authority ensures that each
name is unique and managed independently. New mechanisms are
now being set up as further extensions are being made available to the
domain name world, most recently the .biz arid .info extensions.

When we connect to the Internet. we connect to a network. In a
typical workgroup organization, this connection is usually a physical
connection, a network in the office. We get around this problem
with remote access by using dial-up connections through a modem
to connect to remote computers in the system. Our computers then
become part of the network.

There are many, applications that use the Internet. Even
if you are not familiar with some of these applications, it is very
likely that someone in your organization is using some or all of these
applications in support of your Website or internal applications. Over
time, more and more of these applications are becoming available via
a simple browser interface, avoiding the need for specialized software
or interfaces.


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