What is e-Business ?

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Business drivers are the primary and only reason why organizations should consider the use of these technologies and systems. A recent survey from AMR illustrates some of the major reasons why organizations use and need e-business investment. As we have now moved from the first phase of investment and systems, this practical approach to technology investment has taken hold. While it might now seem obvious, many operations focused on e-business opportunities just because there was a chance of success. The huge monetary upside, crazy valuations, and desire to not "miss the window created a feeding frenzy for reasons to use the technology. Unfortunately much of this effort was not targeted at primary business needs or drivers but at other causes, trying to get there rapidly and make sure that the competition was outsmarted, outspent, and out of business.

To return to a solid set of business reasons to make e0business the place to be makes great sense, and is obviously the place to start with any program.

Most organizations today focus on three main reasons to use e-business systems. These are:

1. Reducing costs, controlling costs and improving ROI;

2. Improving customer satisfaction and relations;

3. Increasing revenue and market share.

These high level goals mean that most organizations now focus on "real money" and "real world" applications for e-business. The success of the many firms has become the beacon for others to follow. However, despite these business drivers forming the foundation of any system, e-business strategies and technologies can have a huge impact on any business gaining success.


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