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 A Simple Laser

Brian Hauge  

The following is a very basic tutorial on how to create a realistic laser for use in your 3DS MAX scenes.
 A Simple Orb

Brian Hauge  

The following is a very basic tutorial on how to create a reflective marble, or glass orb using 3D Studio Max.
 Realistic Grass

Thomas Suurland | |  

You will learn in this tutorial how to model and texture grass shown in the thumb using 3DS MAX. Max R2 or greater is required for this tutorial.
 Tire and Rim

Kevin Pazirandeh  

A perfect tutorial for you if you want to make a tire car in 3DS Max. This tutorial will teach you how to make tire and rim for your car.

Lofting is one of the most useful features in 3DStuidio MAX.  You can think of it as pulling one shape along another shape.
 Tree Tutorial  

I've got many "How do you do your trees?" questions. That's why
I ended up doing this tutorial.
This tutorial doesn't use any plugins. All you need is 3D Studio Max.
 Texturing Landscapes, By: Olli-Pekka Saastamoinen  

In this tutorial I show an easy way to make nice ground texture, and wrapping it over the Landscape surface.
 Particle Combust, By: Olli-Pekka Saastamoinen  

This tutorial demonstrates the basics of using Particle Combust 1.5. It requires Max 1.2 or 2.0. It will demostrate various aspects of Particle Combust such animated colors, density, and sizes and illumination.
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Tutorials can be removed on request of Authors.

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