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   EdgeMap v0.9b  21.09.2001
EdgeMap is a procedural texture that draws lines along the face edges of an object.
Andrew Reid  
 Gamma Map v1.0  03.07.2003
This is a texture plugin that will adjust the gamma of the incoming texture. You can control the master gamma and the rgb channels separately. Unlike the gamma in the bitmaptexture, this can adjust the gamma curve for any max texture.
Ben Lipman  
 Normal Map v0.7 beta  17.07.2003
This is a texture plugin that will adjust the gamma of the incoming texture. You can control the master gamma and the rgb channels separately. Unlike the gamma in the bitmaptexture, this can adjust the gamma curve for any max texture.
Ben Lipman  
 Warcraft III Material v1.0  06.11.2003
A material is a combination of render states (such as transparency, textures, and lighting); Warcraft III uses this combination to draw models on the screen. You use the Blizzard Material plugin to manage these render states. The Model Exporter also uses the Blizzard Material plugin to export rendering information to an output file.
Blizzard Entertainment  
 Blur Gradient v1.06  10.01.2001
A gradient for MAX that has gain, center and width settings.
 Blur Matte v1.02  10.01.2001
A modified and extended matte material - supports bumpmaps, etc.
 Blur ONB v1.05  29.01.2001
A different version of the Oren-Nayar-Blinn shader.
 BlurNoise v2.04  10.01.2001
An alternative Noise texture map.
 Camoflage v1.04  10.01.2001
A camoflage texture.
 Cast Shadows Only v1.03  10.01.2001
This material makes the object invisible, but lets it cast shadows. Note: Shadow maps do work, but cannot be tinted.
 Color Clamp v2.04  10.01.2001
Clamps the colors coming out of materials so they won't mess up atmospherics, etc.
 Dirt v2.02  10.01.2001
A dirt texture map.
 Distance Blender v1.03  10.01.2001
Blends between 2 texture maps based on the distance to the camera.
 Do Nothing v1.01  10.01.2001
Works as a pass through in composite textures.
 Drip v1.04  10.01.2001
Designed as a bump map for the 'drop of water in a bucket' effect.
 DynoSkin v3.01  10.01.2001
A bumpy skin texture map.
 Electric v3.03  10.01.2001
A tendrily noise texture map with exponential falloff.
 Highlight Only v1.02  29.01.2001
Only generates the highlight part of the shade equation - for use with Shellac.
 Linear v1.02  10.01.2001
A specialised 3D gradient.
 Maelstrom Map v1.02  10.01.2001
A whirlpool texture map, like water running down a drain.
 MultiBlend v2.0  10.01.2001
A multichannel material compositor with stacking controls and masks.
 Rain v1.01  10.01.2001
An extension to the Drip texture map. This does animated rain, like rain falling on the surface of a pond.
 Raytraced Shadow Transparency Override v1.02  10.01.2001
When using raytraced shadows, this material allows you to map the apparent transparency of the object differently than the default shadow color/density. This gives you a lot more control of shadows than regular materials do by default.
 Shadow Light v2.05  10.01.2001
Blends between 2 colors/maps based upon the amount of light hitting the surface.
 Shellac v2.03  10.01.2001
Additively comp 2 materials together to 'shellac' on a second highlight.
 SideFade Material v2.0  10.01.2001
A combination of ShadowLight and SideFade, but this one works as a material rather than a map.
   SideFade v2.12  10.01.2001
Blends between 2 colors/maps based upon viewing angle.
   SolidColor v1.05  10.01.2001
Some maps don't have color swatches when you need them - just use this.
   SuperNoise v2.01  10.01.2001
Over the top noise texture map - everything's mappable and has perturbation.
   Utility Material v2.07  10.01.2001
Set Material requirements - render reflections of objects without rendering the objects themselves, etc.
   WaterCell v1.04  10.01.2001
Cellular-based water color splatter.
   WaterWash v1.02  10.01.2001
Water color washes.
   WireTex v1.02  10.01.2001
Paints the objects mesh as a map.
   SmoothMat v1.0  22.04.2001
This plugin material uses the Smoothing Groups associated with a mesh to assign a sub-material. A useful addition/alternative to Multi/Sub Object Selection.
Boomer Labs  
   MAXShade v0.0.3  01.10.2001
MAXShade is a scripting language much like MAXScript. But while MAXScript is designed for writing tools, MAXShade is designed for writing shaders. A shader is an element of a renderer. In MAX, materials, textures, video post filters, render effect filters, lights, and atmospherics can all be considered shaders. With MAXShade, you can use a simple scripting language to write new materials, textures, and render effect filters quickly and efficiently. You won't need to lean C++, Windows API, or the 3DSMax SDK to add new materials, textures, or filters to 3DSMax. Shaders are much more compact than C++ plug-ins; a simple shader requiring 30 lines of code in MAXShade, may require 3000 lines of code to produce the same results in C++. This means you can quickly prototype your ideas with MAXShade, and see your results instantly. The shading language is, for the most part, compatible with the RenderMan Shading Language. This means that not only can you write your own shaders from scratch, you can also make use of the many RenderMan shaders available from its years of use in film production.
Brendan Duncan  
   Color Correct v3.0.2b  12.11.2003
Color Correct is a map type that lets you change the colors of a map by using image processing techniques.
Cuneyt Ozdas  
   Hextile Texture v1.31  15.04.2003
A 2D procedural texture map that creates repeating hexagonal tiles, separated by mortar.
Daniel Yu / Mind Console Productions  
   SimbiontMAX v2.52  20.08.2003
SimbiontMAX is a powerful collection of plugin procedural shaders, 3D maps, and materials based on the DarkTree engine. It includes 10 new shaders, 24 new procedural maps and a collection of 110 procedural materials.
Darkling Simulations  
   TileMagic Beta 0.4  11.09.2001
This is a checker texture that randomly chooses the Checkercolor from 4 different Colors/Maps. This can be used to minimize obvious tiling.
Dieter Morgenroth  
   Bitmap Texture 2 v1.0  17.05.2001
This is a recompile of the original Bitmaptexture, the only difference being the time rollout. I dumped the playbackrate spinner, and there is now a Framevalue that is animatable. This makes it possible to keyframe the frame of the image sequence. You can control the frame with script controllers for view-dependent texture mapping etc., allowing the creation of RealPeople-type effects.
Dieter Morgenroth  
   MultisubMap v0.2 beta  01.07.2003
This plugin is the same as the MultiSub-Object Material, but for Maps. However there is no viewport-preview.
Dieter Morgenroth  
   IBitmap v4.0  10.03.2001
An extension of the Bitmap texture plugin which properly handles interlaced images with field-rendering.
   Particle Texture v4.0  10.03.2001
Allows you to set the particle color depending on its velocity and size.
   Water2 v4.0  10.03.2001
A procedural texture which creates ripples whenever a particle falls on the objects surface.
   Patchwork v4.0  10.03.2001
A checker-like texture, that allows you to use the predefined shapes squares, circles and triangles for texturing.
   Terrain Material v4.0b1  19.04.2002
Controls placement of different materials based on the elevation, slope and exposure of the rendered pixel. Designed to make mapping of terrains much simpler.
Johnny Ow  
   Stress v1.0  12.02.2001
Stress is a Texture map plugin that composes 3 different maps using the compression and strain of the mesh object to which it is applied.
   Scratch v1.1  28.10.2002
This free 3dsmax r4/5 texture plugin is for creating scratches and other subtle surface features for more photorealistic renders. It looks great when used as a bump map.
Mark Williams  
   Color Replace v1.1  10.12.2002
This free 3dsmax r4/5 texture plugin is for simple chromakeying. It will selectively replace colors within a specified range of one texture with another.
Mark Williams  
   Graph v0.9  05.11.2002
This texture plugin draws a graph of its input over time across texture space. Use it for polygraphs, seismographs, animated presentations, oscilloscopes, robots' mouths, and so on.
Mark Williams  
   Disperse/Refract v1.0  10.12.2002
This 3dsmax r4/5 texture plugin is for faking wavelength-dependent refraction without having to go to the effort of rendering your image in separate R/G/B passes and compositing.
Mark Williams  
   Pen v1.0  20.02.2003
This 3dsmax r4/5 texture plugin allows one object to 'draw' on another. Useful for animations of pens, erasers, etc. This is a demo version which is limited to a 30 samples maximum. The full version contains a maximum of 10,000. This is the only difference between the 2.
Mark Williams  
   InterBlinn v1.0  18.12.2001
The algorithm for this shader came from the book Graphics Gems II. It has been modified to incorporate the Blinn style of shading rather than Phong. It expands on the normal Blinn shader by providing two new variables, Tension and Bias. This shader provides a continuous 'bridge' between Flat shading and Blinn shading, allowing you to vary the 'Blinn-ness' and 'Faceted-ness'. With settings of Tension = 0.0 and Bias = 1.0, the shader is equivalent to Blinn shading. With settings of Tension = 1.0 and Bias = 1.0, the shader is equivalent to Flat shading. In addition to this, by setting Tension < 0.0 each face is rounded more than in Blinn shading resulting in a surface with each face bumping outwards. With Tension > 1.0 each face is rounded more inwards, resulting in a surface with each face bumping inwards.
Michael Bailey  
   Cook-Torrance Shader v1.0  23.12.2001
This plugin is designed to replace the MAX default metal shader plugin. It has more control over the material, at the expense of greater complexity. The settings are: Specular Level, Roughness, Specularity, Index of Refraction. It uses the shading algorithm proposed in 'A Reflectance Model for Computer Graphics' by Robert L. Cook and Kenneth E. Torrance.
Michael Bailey  
   BozoNoise v1.0  27.02.2003
This procedural actually has a history, as it was one of the first solid textures proposed by Ken Perlin back in 1985. While not being too useful by todays standards it gives some glimpse of how powerful the basic noise function can be.
Michael Spaw  
   ColorNoise v1.0  27.02.2003
This is a simple spin on the standard Max noise procedural. It rotates the values for the R, G and B components of the noise function so that the result is chromatic. In addition the color can be blended with a base color or map, and there are various flavors of the base noise function.
Michael Spaw  
   Confetti v1.0  27.02.2003
This Max procedural texture started its life as a direct copy of a tutorial sample in Steve May's RmanNotes, and has subsequently been added to. It's really more of graphical test than a real useful map. That being said, it is fairly full features as far as Max maps go.
Michael Spaw  
   CrossTile v1.0  27.02.2003
This Map is derived from an example from Steve May's excellent RmanNotes. The shader uses a series of pulses to generate each stripe. Then the stripes are layered atop one another and finally over a solid background color. Once I got the basics of it going, it was fairly straightforward to expand on the parameters and add in a bunch of goodies the original Renderman version didn't have. The parameters give control over the placement, width, rotation and blurriness of the stripes.
Michael Spaw  
   MultiColor v1.0  27.02.2003
This rather unusual looking shader comes directly from one of Ken Musgrave's chapters in 'Texturing & Modeling A Procedural Approach' Second Edition. If you are interested in coding up your own procedural textures and materials this is the book to pick up. I hadn't seen anyone actually implement it for a commercial package so I gave it a try. The result is rather pleasing but rather slow and not too friendly for the parameters.
Michael Spaw  
   VectorNoise v1.0  27.02.2003
This solid procedural is based on one of Ken Musgrave's contributions in 'Texturing & Modeling A Procedural Approach'. It's essentially the standard Perlin noise function with the addition of a distortion applied just to spice things up. You can get some fairly wild effects as the distortion becomes more pronounced.
Michael Spaw  
   CompositeMode v1.0  20.07.2003
This plugin emulates all of the PhotoShop blending modes in map form. It can be used anyplace you would normally use a map including bump and displacement. This can generate some very cool effects though not all of the modes make sense in all cases.
Michael Spaw  
   RealFlow Melt Material v1.01  05.09.2003
A plugin that combines different materials and textures in the same RealFlow mesh.
Next Limit  
   Translucency v1.0  20.03.2001
A texture map plugin that calculates the illumination of light that passes through a thin object.
Nik Foscarini / KillerHamster Studio  
   Colorize v1.1  20.03.2001
A texture map plugin that calculates the shift in HSV coloring for the underlying texture.
Nik Foscarini / KillerHamster Studio  
   CgFX v1.1  30.04.2003
The 3ds max CgFX Plug-in allows artists to author and visualize content in 3ds max 5 using advanced hardware rendering and the Cg high level language. Accessible from the Viewport Manager located within the 3ds max Material Editor, DirectX users gain a custom, intuitive GUI featuring real-time effects with sliders and other artist-friendly interfaces. This plugin for max 5 includes: - max 5 plug-in .dlm - CgFX connection editor - Example shader files in .fx format with accompanying .dds textures - Documentation
NVIDIA Corporation  
   Particle Blend Material v1.1  25.03.2001
Particles Blend material is used to change a particles material based on it life. Has only been tested with Particle+, but should work with most particle systems.
Peter Watje  
   Wave 2D v1.0b  01.04.2001
A sine wave material generator that allows you to create linear and radial waves.
Peter Watje  
   Particle Paint v1.1  01.04.2001
This material turns a particle system into a spray can.
Peter Watje  
   Noise 2D v1.1b  01.04.2001
The same as the Noise that ships with MAX, except that it is implemented as a 2D map instead of a 3D map, allowing you to see the noise in the viewports.
Peter Watje  
   Texture Map Blender v1.02  08.09.2001
A simple additive blender. It just adds the color or bump for each entry based on the mask and the amount value.
Peter Watje  
   Cellular 2D v1.0  01.04.2001
A 2D implementation of Cellular so you can see it in the viewports.
Peter Watje  
   Object Texture v1.01a  19.05.2001
This texture generates a height/normal map from an object in the scene. It is useful for turning geometry in the scene into a bump map without having to render out a height map file or drawing it in a paint package.
Peter Watje  
   3D Painter Prototype v1.02  17.11.2002
This is a 3d Painter that lets you paint into a bitmap or vertex colors. The bitmap painter is implemented as a material while the vertex painter is implemented as modifier. Other than that they both have the same painter tools and behave the same way.
Peter Watje


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