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 Pawas Sounds for Animations

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All the files are in WAVE format. Right click the Name then choose 'Save Target As' to download the file.


 Bell     (353kbps)  (Size: 145 KB)  Laser     (1411kbps)  (Size: 53.8 KB)
 Bomb     (353kbps)  (Size: 576 KB)  Laser (Another type)     (353kbps)  (Size: 115 KB)
 Bomb (Another type)     (353kbps)  (Size: 704 KB)  Drum (Another type)     (256kbps)  (Size: 415 KB)
 Spring Bounce     (96kbps)  (Size: 60 KB)  Old Clock Bell     (353kbps)  (Size: 302 KB)
 Brush     (176kbps)  (Size: 63.3 KB)  Phone Ringing     (88kbps)  (Size: 64.2 KB)
 Bulhit     (71kbps)  (Size: 8.97 KB)  Piled     (353kbps)  (Size: 461 KB)
 Cannon     (87kbps)  (Size: 10.5 KB)  Pouring Coffee     (88kbps)  (Size: 69.4 KB)
 Car Crash     (40kbps)  (Size: 21.2 KB)  Shooting     (353kbps)  (Size: 256 KB)
 Chime     (176kbps)  (Size: 211 KB)  Cutting wood with Saw     (88kbps)  (Size: 90.2 KB)
 Clock     (705kbps)  (Size: 1.09 MB)  Cutting wood with Saw     (88kbps)  (Size: 100 KB)
 Danger Alarm     (88kbps)  (Size: 59.7 KB)  Sound Effect     (176kbps)  (Size: 204 KB)
 Diesel Truck     (176kbps)  (Size: 338 KB)  Sound Effect (Another type)     (176kbps)  (Size: 236 KB)
 Digdoo     (176kbps)  (Size: 84.6 KB)  Air / Space     (176kbps)  (Size: 302 KB)
 Water Drips     (353kbps)  (Size: 1.09 MB)  Spring     (88kbps)  (Size: 75.7 KB)
 Droid     (176kbps)  (Size: 206 KB)  Sound Effect (Another type)     (176kbps)  (Size: 181 KB)
 Drums     (176kbps)  (Size: 178 KB)  Sound Effect (Another type)     (176kbps)  (Size: 259 KB)
 Explosion     (353kbps)  (Size: 94.7 KB)  Sound Effect (Another type)     (353kbps)  (Size: 799 KB)
 Flyby     (88kbps)  (Size: 42.7 KB)  Time Bell     (176kbps)  (Size: 76.2 KB)
 Gun Shot     (353kbps)  (Size: 71.3 KB)  Tinkle     (353kbps)  (Size: 286 KB)
 Heart Beat     (96kbps)  (Size: 145 KB)  Walker     (353kbps)  (Size: 582 KB)

 Drum (Another type)     (353kbps)  (Size: 214 KB)  Explode     (353kbps)  (Size: 324 KB)


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